Four Tools to Simplify Event Planning

If you’ve ever planned an event, you’ve learned early on (and perhaps the hard way!) that it’s never a “one-and-done” process. No matter the size, there are a lot of moving parts and considerations to take into account. Sometimes you need a helping hand.

via Pro Party Planner

via Pro Party Planner

Recently, we looked at a few simple apps that can be immensely helpful in the planning, execution and follow-up stages of your event. Technology changes fast. There have been some great updates and new offerings for planning tools; here you’ll find an up-to-date list. Continue reading

Three details every bride should know before the big day

Krakora Studios

Krakora Studios

There are obvious questions you need to have answered before your wedding, such as where the wedding will be, the number of guests and the color of the bridesmaids’ dresses. But there are other important details that should be squared away with the venue well before the big day, information that often goes overlooked until the last moment. Read on to make sure you’re getting this essential information. Continue reading

The power of an unexpected meeting place

Monona TerraceA meeting space can mean the difference between a good meeting and a great one. The
environment in which you host a meeting can help encourage creativity and revive energy. Sometimes the beige walls of a hotel conference room just don’t offer the inspiration needed to ignite thoughtful conversations. Find four inspiring options below to help you think outside the four walls of the conventional convention center. Continue reading

Budget-friendly wedding decoration inspiration

Monona Terrace WeddingWeddings are a beautiful experience on any budget. Being creative when on a tight budget allows you to use your imagination and infuse personality into your special day. Here are some tips, ideas and guidelines to help inspire you to get creative to make the most out of a wedding decorating budget.

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Experience a Revitalized Monona Terrace

Something’s different about Monona Terrace in Madison, Wis.
After about a month’s worth Frank Lloyd Wright Exhibitof work, the community and convention center reopened its doors at the beginning of February, welcoming guests to check out its newly renovated features. Many of these updates aren’t purely for looks – they offer real advantages for guests who use the venue for events; and all updates kept an eye on sustainability.

So what’s changed and how could it positively impact your next event or meeting? Continue reading

Certifiably Sustainable: The importance of an earth-friendly venue

It’s not often event venues make sustainability a priority. Creating an energy-efficient Monona Terrace, greenenvironment takes time and, well, energy. It’s an undertaking that requires patience and understanding of the newest green technologies. Many large buildings choose to stick with what they know, rather than explore other options.

Monona Terrace is ahead of this trend. With five years of LEED-Certified sustainability under its belt, Monona Terrace is on the cusp of re-certifying the building to an even higher standard. LEED is an all-encompassing sustainability certification that elevates the importance of human and environmental health – a benefit for both you and your attendees. And by hosting an event at Monona Terrace, you are already doing your part for the environment!

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Five Traits of a Successful Event Planner

Monona Terrace, meetings, MadisonPlanning events and ensuring they run smoothly calls for a certain set of skills. These skills allow you to navigate the sometimes unpredictable waters of scheduling, coordinating and troubleshooting. The good news is as a working professional, you probably already have a great handle on these abilities. Here are some helpful reminders of the skills you’ll need to better approach planning your event. Continue reading

Safety and Security at Your Event

Monona Terrace Event Planning

Safety and security issues at events can take many forms, from a food allergy to a tornado to wireless Internet security problems. While it’s impossible to predict every scenario, there are fundamental steps you can take and questions you should ask during the planning process to help you prepare for potential problems that may arise. Doing so will allow you to approach your event with confidence. Continue reading

Six Steps for a Five-Star Holiday Party

Planning your office holiday party is a great opportunity for you to infuse some fun into your colleagues’ daily routine. Luckily, it can be a piece of cake. Follow these steps to get started on your holiday event planning.

Monona Terrace

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